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O  Aloha Atomica Primitivia  O

After years of learning curves, finding myself looking at the universe multi-verse, guli-verse, and all the verses back and forth, I want my awe.

The sense that I haven’t wasted my time just to learn about a system of creatures that forgot themselves and who are working from so disintegrated society.

A society that is on a constant verge of knowing itself.

On a constant seek of truth

On a constant fight

On a constant haze and maze.

On a constant extended rope of grace that raised the question in the extenderer’s mind- how much rope do I have left? And what else can I do with this graceful looking rope that would be more effective…

 This sense of mine became a question.

I was lost in trying to fit in. 

I am going atomically primitive- erase nothing and say it like it is. And after all my finger pointing and as one of those creatures that for the longest time, I thought that stupendous is just big stupid coz they sound the same, I hope you love me like I love you.

​Welcome to my world 

I have the awe, and I keep it.


The question that is always there in the back of my mind is:

How do I want the future to look like? 

I am creating my own, I always have, and maybe it is just me who doesn't want to belong to what was built here because it doesn't fit my soul bill that is charged with ideas that has very little to do with the imposed reality. 

 I look at it on all levels and clarity that I possibly can.

Emotionally- How do I make kindness my priority? How do I change my attitude to things I don't like and don't want to share grace with? Is it even possible to let go of those emotions? If I don't react to what I don't like, does it solve it? It only makes it non existent in my life.

Physically- How is the physical energy is going to shift- I see people shifting all the time in a small scale, but still. 

what do we need to add, and what do we need to let go? It is all a state of mind anyway.

Societal- what is a healthy society? Is it even possible to accomplish on this planet?


I always looked at my life from a zoom out point of view. What does it even mean, right? 

Life is short, life is precious.

Life on earth is a place to learn about myself,

a place to express who I am,

and to give what I can. 

There is something in me that identifies with nature and all the living things, and societal hive thinking never touched me, although I try to understand. 

Brands don't talk to me, colors do. 

Purpose is more important and rewarding to work for than money. 

Seeing multi dimensional is more fun than seeing double, 

and seeing double is more interesting than not knowing what just happened. 


It is Always



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