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The Spiritual Us

Not just for the spiritual people

Self and self- Eden 2009

The world and the universe we are living in are build up from layers of vibratory fields trickling down all the way from the most refined subtle unseen and light energies to dense physical tangible things that we can see and touch.

And today, science caught up with that understanding.

Physical body is all about vibrations.

Vibration is different frequency/speed and shape of matter.

The different frequencies are like transmitters of different realities (time and space) and it creates different energies all depending on the speeds on which this matter moves.

Basically, energy is just different frequencies of light which has has different shades and those shades/colors has different intensities.

Those intensities are created by emotion.

Emotion. This is the engine.

This engine is fueled with thoughts that are born in consciousness and consciousness is a marvelous thing that keeps growing on you and boggles the mind of all aware beings, but the one knows it.

I am not here to try and explain consciousness because it’s a thing that has many and nothing standing in the same spot; taking the same space. It is everything and its opposite dancing in a paradox that maybe great masters can put it in words. I cannot.

What I do know is that consciousness is also the sum of your understandings. Those understandings are a result of experiences and the ability to learn and conclude theories from them; belief systems. Whatever your belief is, this is where you are creating from.

What is spirit?

It is the container, the recorder. It is the body of your consciousness.

Connecting what I said to reality and to the point I am trying to make, is that spirit is the expression of consciousness, and spirit also manifest as body. The density of the body depends of the consciousness it carries.

There are many levels of consciousness, too many to count or to understand from earth perspective, at least I think so. of course, but that is a whole other long complicated subject for another time.

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