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Tiko,Light Beam, Poster 11x14
  • Tiko,Light Beam, Poster 11x14

    Inspiring High quailty Print poster from original work of the serious of Light Beams (Copy Rights), by Eden Shmuel.


    The Poster is 11x14 total with 1/2 inch white mat. Mate finish


    Painted and produced locally in Salem Missouri, USA.


    Tiko is one of the oldest lights on the planet. It makes him an elder, a worrier, and a protector. He is one of the gate keepers, and there are very few light beings like him in the whole universe; it makes him unique. He mastered all the domains by taking his time to experience them. He loves to be on the move and tell stories. He uses wormholes and gates that he can open and close by demand.  

    His message:  take each experience as a light badge on your skin.



    About Light Beams

    We are inner earth creatures. We live inside light orbs and sometimes, when we travel, it is all you can see with your bare eyes, just a light orb.

    We live in harmony within nature because we hold the many spirits of nature. We come in many colors, emotions, and essences, and we communicate messages.

    Eden found us in the forest where she lives, and she likes to call us Light Beams because she thinks we are cute.




    If you see a light orb in the atmosphere, know that there is a magical being that can take shape any time it wishes. The light Beams brings messages, they are protectors, and the essence in all nature.


    Thank you for purchasing.

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