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Large Tree


Sitting outside around the fire, it is quiet. 

It is so quiet that the deer are coming, they are crossing the grounds unafraid.

Every falling leaf,

every cracking branch,

every flapping bird,

and the crackling fire-

It is peaceful. 

The work begins. 


       Join me for a weekend retreat!






 Expend your consciousness. 

The retreat is for Working towards balancing and raising awareness of love and light. 

Creating peace, clarity, and harmony in a time of uncertainty. 

Navigating the energies to clear old stagnation and bringing new joy into your life. 

Understanding the universal mechanism and learning how to apply it.

Tuning into the core of the natural creation and the true matrix of life.

Here, we are working with the flower of life sacred geometry.

We are having guided discussions around the fire;

guided meditations in the Teepee.

We are using different methods of transformation that are fun, and also serious. 

It is all for you to learn few things, eat well, talk your heart, and play. Be with people like-hearted in a small intimate group for a few days.


The retreat is in a down to earth environment on a wooded 22 acres close to Current river in the beautiful mountains of state of Missouri.

The space has 5 cabins and it holds up to 10 people. 

The food is made from scratch, organic and simple.  

The property is about 2 plus hours from St. Louis airport. Coordination can be made to group up.  

Accommodation: a cabin with all amenities (bed, shower, kitchen, ac/heat), food will be provided. Please feel free to call me to know more about your stay. Each cabin accommodates 2 people.  

Price is including your stay: $250 per day

Retreats starts Thursday through Monday

If you are interested in booking your spot, or to know more details,

please call Eden 720-840-8835

The retreat grounds



Retreat gives you the time to focus your energy on yourself, and it allows growth and expansion. It takes you out of your day to day environment- a pause.

Being in nature and following spiritual practices, stepping into simplicity just for a little while creates a shift in the energetic field. 


The retreat is about you. What do you need? What are you missing? Are you looking for solving something, or are you looking for growth? And maybe just for a place to rejuvenate your energy, and play. You can find it her.

In my experience, retreats gives you the opportunity to look inside and clear stagnation. It creates space and lightness, so new experiences can enter your life. It is one of those experiences you remember for life because it is so profound and special. 

Connect the dots. Ignite. Fly.

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