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Sitting outside around the fire, it is quiet. 

It is so quiet that the deer are coming, they are crossing the grounds unafraid.

Every falling leaf,

every cracking branch,

every flapping bird,

and the crackling fire-

It is peaceful. 

The work begins. 


In this retreat Eden offers few layers of inner work.

The retreat is 4 days and 3 nights transformative work to heal and empower you. Working on unifying your energies and turning knowledge into practicality by applying old and new techniques- to create transformation in the areas you need to change in your life.

The focus is the energy body- light body work. 

Some knows it as kundalini. 

The breath work done in this retreat is gentle- not hard work because this is not physical- but subtle energies. 

We go inward to find the center of power. 

Learn how to work your energy body (light body)- understanding the flow of kundalini and working with it in a tantric way.

Tuning emotional energies- clearing old and opening new channels. 

 We are working together in an intimate group (3 to 8 people), and working one on one with Eden to find and refine your path in life. 

This is a journey into yourself to connect with your power

connect with your nature

connect with others

learn how to raise your frequency and awareness

The goal is to balance energies and raise awareness of the world we live in. Creating more clarity, and usher in a higher light vibration into your life, and therefore into this world. 


We are having guided discussions around the fire;

Guided meditations. 



River kayaking- (depends on weather)  

Healing sessions

Flower of Life seal

Cooking our meals together

We are using different methods of transformation that are fun, and also serious. 

Eat well, sleep like royalty, talk your heart, experience, and play. Be with people like-hearted in a small intimate group for a few days, and recharge.

Come here to soak yourself in light and love.

       Join me for a long weekend retreat!

Rewind.  Rejuvenate.  Learn.  Enjoy.  Meet.

 Expend your consciousness. 

Camp Fire


The retreat is in a down to earth environment on a wooded 22 acres close to Current river in the beautiful mountains of state of Missouri.

The property is about 2 plus hours from St. Louis airport. Coordination can be made to group up.  

Accommodation: a cabin with all amenities (beds, shower, kitchen, ac/heat) Please feel free to call me to know more about your stay. Each cabin accommodates 2 people.  You can find more pictures of the grounds at

Price: $265 per night including food and accommodations. 

Arrival Thursday by 3pm - Leaving  Sunday by 1pm  (depending on flights)

Total of 3 nights 4 days- 

Food: Your cabin is going to be stacked with snacks (fruit, oatmeal, coffee, tea). On arrival day, your dinner will be ready- for the rest of the days we are cooking our meals together. 

If you are interested in booking your spot, or to know more details,

please call or email Eden 720-840-8835

Camp Fire


Thursday- Arrival and gathering and sweat lodge


Friday - Gathering, floating the river, fire circle, meditations.


Saturday- Sweat lodge, personal work, guided healing meditations

Sunday- gathering and leaving. 

Retreat Dates:

September 21th- 24th 2023

October 19th- 22nd 2023

November 9tt- 12th 2023

November 16th- 19th 2023

February 22nd- 25th 2024

March 14th- 17th 2024


April 5th- 8th 2024 - Solar eclipse



May 2nd- 5th 2024

Late season Dates

October 10th-13th

October 24th- 27th

November 7th-10th

November 21th-24th


Day one Thursday

15:00 Arrival and check-in at Stay In Current Retreat! Settle into your room and check out the grounds.

16:30 Welcome and opening  

17:30 Sweat lodge

19:00 Dinner

20:00 - 22:00 fire gathering- discussion

Day two - Friday

07:30 Coffee, tea, snacks in your preferred area (cabin or grounds)

09:00 – class and guided meditation

10:00 walk by the river or kayaking throughout the day

12:30- gathering – class (flower of life)

14:00 lunch

15:00- 17:00 free time

17:00 light body motion workshop outdoors

19:00 Dinner

20:00 - 21:00 Fire circle ceremony of release, and discussion.

Day three - Saturday 

07:30 Coffee/ tea and snacks in your area of choice (cabin or grounds)

09:00 guided meditation

09:30 Session- flower of life the river of life

12:00 Lunch

13:30 interactive workshop

15:00 - 17:30 Free time

17:30- healing session

19:00 Dinner

20:00 – fire circle- meditation and discussion

Day four - Sunday

07:30 - Coffee/ tea and snacks in your area of choice (cabin or grounds)

08:00 – Session .

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 closing ceremony

13:00 Departure

Depends on the time of the year and participants requests- we can float the river in the winter- it is a different experience than floating in summertime. Otherwise, we have other activities in winter instead of floating.


The retreat is limited to 8 participants.

Retreat Pricing- the price is all inclusive 

Thursday - Sunday

Shared Cabin (2 people in a cabin)- $795

Private cabin is available- limited space-  $995 per person

Tent- bringing your own gear- $500 - limited space. 

After the retreat-

You receive six months free subscription to access the paid meditations podcasts that are connected to the retreat material. In you can find more published work by Eden. 

Camp Fire

Personal Retreat

One on one intensive healing work on all levels- tailored for you. 

Two days one night- $440 (with option to stay longer with regular cabin nightly fee)

Three days two nights- $795 ($265 a day)

All Inclusive.

Stay an extra night after the retreat- ask for details. 


If you are interested in booking your spot, or to know more details,

please call or email Eden 720-840-8835


The retreat grounds

Trees From Above


Retreat gives you the time to focus your energy on yourself, and it allows growth and expansion. It takes you out of your day to day environment- a pause.

Being in nature and following spiritual practices, stepping into simplicity just for a little while creates a shift in the energetic field. 


The retreat is about you. What do you need? What are you missing? Are you looking to solve something, or are you looking for growth? And maybe just for a place to rejuvenate your energy, and play. You can find it here.

This retreat is not only about cleansing but it is about learning how to ignite and move your light energy body. It is dynamic, practical, and a lot of fun. 

It is one of those experiences you remember for life because it is so profound and special. 


What people are saying

My retreat experience with Eden had a profound impact on me. It allowed me to connect with myself, my inner child and see things from an entirely different prospective. My connection with nature and Eden was amazing! The sweat lodge was also unforgettable and I hope to do it again someday. Her property and cabins are so beautiful, peaceful, comfortable and cozy. Eden, thank you for sharing your property, wisdom, experience and guidance. It was truly magical.

Olivia Fuentes

Something moved and clicked in me, and I think it was just being around Eden. The sweat lodge was powerful for me, kayaking and jumping into the cold water in the river was amazing- but it was the nuance of how we did it that added so much to the experience. I received so much and it was a wonderful experience. The place is amazing, and the cabins are beautiful and comfortable.

Emberly S. 

The 4 day Love Consciousness and Light Body retreat was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was amazing, beyond words. Thank you for listening to me, understanding me. Thank you for giving me the tools to move forward in this beautiful new life I have. I needed to hear everything , and it touched my heart and have changed me for ever. I am so grateful

The cabins are so clean and inviting, and as spiritual as Eden.

Kim Herington 

Connect the dots. Ignite. Fly.

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