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The Business


What is a business anyway?

Who makes the rules here?

In my early 20's I went to work for the money, you got to start somewhere after you have been programmed for 12 years in school and some mandatory army years where I come from. Some jobs I couldn't last half an hour and I quit. Other jobs, I quit after a day, or a week. And some fun jobs I lasted 2 years. Actually, there was only one job that I lasted for 2 years. 

It is depressing to think that a soul comes to earth to work 9-5 or 8-4, or night shifts, or double shifts without the joy of creating something, or doing something interesting everyday. Evolving in some way in a constant movement of energy. 

I did some crazy shit in my life to avoid the boredom, avoid the boss, avoid the machine. 

Imagine a world that there is abundance everywhere just by following vocation and interest, whatever it may be as long as that interest doesn't hurt another or controls another. 

If you read my first page, than you know that my vocation is healing and art. But I am really a jack of all trades and I am interested in so many things.  


The world is not changing, it was always beautiful,
and waiting for you to change.
It is time, and it is not waiting anymore. 



What's my business?

My business in life is life itself. Obviously.

Business doesn't translate to money, business translate to being busy. Money is just the energy you receive in order to trade for what you need or want. 

Of course, sometimes building something you love involves boring things, we know the saying no man is an island, never mind that islands are connected too. but when you do something you love, you take it all in. 

If you don't do something you love, you learn to love it,  because if you don't love it then you better leave it. 

Over the years, I let go of few licenses, I was licensed massage therapist, licensed realtor, and licensed Hypnotherapist. To me, it is just like saying Gucci. I'll give the stamp and you will give me the title that will cost you more for the brand. Who cares? My reality lives on a different mountain. 


Show me physical,
and I will show you it is spirit.
(and I'll say it a thousand time:)

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