Healing Practices

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purpose and goals


Your purpose, your goal.

What do you want to improve?

Collect yourself

Ignite engines on life, and take that flight.

The bridge in the picture is a reminder. Sometimes, someone needs a bridge between two places. 

I can be a bridge.


Everyone needs a guidance once in a while. 

It is what I do. 

I learned a lot studying different methods over the years, but it is my inner awakening and tuning to my whole being that truly allowed me to refine the healing sessions and be more accurate and helpful.

My sessions changed over time as I learned how to listen. Connecting to one's spirit, is how I work and how I find the best way to approach the healing space with the person in front of me. 

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Hermetic seals

Philosophy, mysticism, healing hands, knowledge, practicality, art, flower of life geometry, numerology, gimatry, intuition,  and so much more is integrated into the hermetic seals. 

We are moving parallel in a world that cracked the code of physical life; see cloning and AI coding. 

Parallel to it, we are also here realizing our source of light, our history of light, our universe of intelligent light that is full of information. We have ancestry that knew everything about life without dissecting every bit of it. Those ancestors are within us.

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Experience in healing methods

 Massage and Reflexology.  

O  Iridology- reading in the iris of the eye

O  Reiki/ healing- Master

O  HK Holographic Kinetics

O  Life coaching

O  Hypnotherapy

O  Spiritual counseling/ readings

O Hermetic Seals

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All roads lead to Rome- So find one and start walking the other direction ~Eden

These are samples of seals 
These are samples of seals 
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We live in a holographic universe where everything is alive and listening to us as if we know what we are saying or doing.
So we better know