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Light Beams


Tiko is one of the oldest lights on the planet. It makes him an elder, a worrier, and a protector. He is one of the gate keepers, and there are very few light beings like him in the whole universe; it makes him unique. He mastered all the domains by taking his time to experience them. He loves to be on the move and tell stories. He vouches that he is very serious, but his stories comes out so funny.   


His message~

 take each experience as a light badge on your skin.

tiko distort.jpg
Green Forest

Moy is a star seed from constellation Monoceros. He carries the star seed component and spreads it across the land.


Moy is the seed of the extra sense that is of wonder, and the essence that brings the connection to the larger light codes of the universe.

His massage~

you are a star don’t look any further than yourself, just water your seeds and see what happens.

2. Moy - polar inversion (2).jpg
Broken Trunk

Chuch is the inner child of every being and fabric in creation. He always wants to play and always wants to have friends around him, but he also has inner friends when he is by himself and they are all over his body parts, making him laugh.

Chuch sleeps insides flowers and he likes to go to places that he has never seen before.

His massage:

Find your inner friend, look at everything in life as it is your first time with wonder and awe.

3. Chuchpolar2.jpg
Forest Road

Sason is teacher, he mastered the ability to bring light to places that need it. The light is dripping from his hands and everywhere he appears things starts to shine. He lives in the deep forest and travels at night.

His message~

There is a light in the end of every tunnel, look for it and it will show you the way

4. Sasonpolar2 (2).jpg

Shtil is silly and he likes to joke around, but he is also very gifted. He can bring structures to life. He can create DNA, flower of life formation from his body.

He is a decision maker, although he cannot take life, he can fix life. He is the cup of life himself. And he likes to stay by rivers, so he can float on a leaf, empty bottles, and logs that fell off trees into the river.

His message~

I revive what is good and continue flowing away form what is not, be wise.

6. Shtil distortion2 (2).jpg
Forest Road
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Blue Flowers

Belbi is very tall, blue, and he is glowing inside in white and blue and gold.

He dominates the weather, especially the thunder and lightning. He has 3 balls that are connected to him, and he can send them like a boomerang anywhere he wants to manage the storms and rains, and he decides what needs to come down from the sky. He is very thoughtful.

His message~

everything is under control, you don’t have to control it, let go.

7. Belbidistortion1.jpg
7. Belbidistortion7.jpg
8. Tulli distortion3.jpg

Tuli is special. He doesn’t think of himself as special, but he is. He is the perfect structure of the water, and he is working very hard these days.

He is moving quickly between ponds, lakes and oceans, and he drops perfect molecules of water. He is very cheery and very childlike, and he especially loves the lakes. So, if you ever wonder why the lakes looks so pretty, go no farther.

He is very tall; a large orb and his colors are almost unseen. He is golden ray of light when he is hiding, and when he starts to appear, he is multicolor.

His message~

everything is crystal clear like the water, so let yourself flow.

8. Tulli distortion7.jpg
Mountain Lake

Hoopi is the queen of the land. She doesn’t need to take a shape, but she uses it from time to time. She doesn’t need to travel because she is the traveling site. She has angelic wings, and everything about her is a symbol of who she is. Hoopi is bringing the telepathy and the inner connection between all beings and creatures. She is sending messages and transmitting the messages of the flow of the living creatures. She is magnificent.

Her message ~

don’t interrupt what is working perfectly, and don’t think you need more that what you have. Be content and become who you are, a blessing.  

9. Hoopi distort3.jpg
9. Hoopi distort6.jpg
9. Hoopi distort.jpg
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Fay is very naughty, she can sense with her antennas everything that is happening around her, but she can also pick on any place somewhere in the universe and bring new ideas.


She is a cheery one. She brings the muse and inspiration.

Her message~

don’t think too much, don’t think at all. Inspiration comes like a drop in your brain, look for one.

10. Fay distort.jpg
10. Fay distort4.jpg
10. Fay distort2.jpg
Forest Trees
15. Moni.jpg

Moni - he is a prayer. He is an angel and he sits in the heart of everything. He generates prayers. He is light like a feather, you can barely feel him if you don’t look for him. His message:

His message~

praying is not what you think, prayer is a song.

15. Moni destort1.jpg
15. Moni destort.jpg
15. Moni destort2.jpg
15. Moni destort2.jpg
Forest Road
21. Olki.jpg

Olki- is old and she is the thinker and the philosopher. She brings a mind full of poetry, questions, and curiosity. She has a unique talent to clean the air from access thought forms.



Her message-

Be thoughtful of your own thoughts, and know it is light. A side note: My vacuum cleaner is getting full, time to clean your own thoughts.


21. Olki distort3.jpg
21. Olki distort2.jpg
21. Olki distort.jpg
22. Goold.jpg


Goold- he is the funniest creature on earth, not only he looks funny, but he also laughs a lot. The reason for him to be so funny is because he is the keeper of gold. It is a different kind of gold, it is gold from the inner earth and only Goold and the dragons keeps it.


His message~

 The more you laugh the more gold I will give you, so please laugh.

22. Goold polar.jpg
22. Goold distorted5.jpg
22. Goold distorted4.jpg
Red Maple Leaves

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23. Poyam distort3.jpg
23. Poyam (2).jpg


 Poyam is like a jelly fish in the air. He is very sensitive and when he is around you breathe a little deeper. He is talking softly, and he is mesmerizing with his sweetness. He is the gentleness itself.

His message:

If you could only see what I see in you, you would love yourself more.

23. Poyam distort3.jpg

Nimnim- He is the road. A very unique being that looks like a spider, but is not a spider. His ancestors are the great spiders. He is connected to splif, they see each other a lot while helping people traveling. He is a gate, a wormhole to other dimensions. A connector. 

His Message 

be courageous and open up, lift your heart high, I’ll take you home.

20220116_170843 (2).jpg

The Road

24. Nimnim (2).jpg
20220116_170843 (2) - Copy.jpg



All the roads leads to the forest


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