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The Art

Life is art.
It is a canvas, clay, wire, stones, paper, tools to shape with and material to mold into more beauty than was here before.




I fell in love with colors and shapes on a paper with the first good art teacher in 7th grade, and since then I never stopped painting. I picked up different mediums over the years, but I always painted. Large canvases, messy portable studio right in my living room, or color box and drawing pad packed in my traveling bag- it was always there with me waiting for a moment of inspiration.
And this moment always comes.

Lately, I relocated into my inspiration, the forest. People say that we are in the mountains of Missouri, but I come from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, so to me, it looks like a forest.  One day at the time, I shape a small area using the knowledge of forging to cultivate the natural edible plants, which are so many here. Ever so slowly, it turn into one big piece of art.

The Light Beams were created winter 2021-22, there are 26 of them, and I picked 13 for prints. 


Broken Trunk
Foggy Forest

Light Beams