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Ascension symptoms

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

It doesn't matter when you woke up, and when I say woke up, I mean many things because it is as huge of a subject as the universe itself. Some will say it is also debatable, but oh well.

Before I begin, I am talking about the word awake from Buddhism. It is not affiliated to “woke” term used in today’s society.

There are many levels of awakening. People are on different rays and different processes all together, still aiming to the same place, source.

One thing is a given, you can’t wake up and remain the same, that is the whole idea of waking up- it is going from one state of being to another.

The number one law that is innate in evolved awareness is code of ethics. It is the basics and foundations of the integrity of structure. The integrity of structure depends on the integrity of mind and fire that you are working with. Fire means passion and heart, and mind means the consciousness that your spirit contains, and both of them means also nerves system. I’m not going to expend on it, I have it in my blog.

Many people are talking about 5D, ascension to 5th dimension. I am not sure what it means. There are certain new words that were added in the new age branch that I only met them in the last few years, when they started popping up everywhere. One of them is 5d, another example is star seed. To me, we are all star seeds, or sun seed. Some seeds are not seeds anymore, they are flowers and trees.

Many people are going through ascension. We passed the point of the critical mass to bring new energies into the collective on earth. So, the influence of the higher energies is felt everywhere. We are leaving one age and entering another.

We are in the birth canal, and I wish it was as simple and short as the birth canal.

If it is from 3d to 5d, or from 6 ray to 7 ray, or moving from Pisces into Aquarius, or end of times revelations. You name it, we are there.

Whatever happened in the microcosmos is happening now in the macrocosms. And of course, it is a reciprocation of the macro to begin with. As someone who went through an awakening process, anyone who went through it, knows the way. And the way is through clearing out everything that doesn’t belong.

This is where many fall because it falls on acceptance. If I remove something I don’t like about myself, then I can’t accept it in anyone else.

If I understand something, and others don’t understand it, then they are lesser than me. This is a huge problem in our society today.

We learned in society how to push forward, be the best, be all we can be. In spirit, it is the not like that. There is no need to push, and you are already all you can be with the understanding that you are growing and expending.

Light illuminated everything. It shows everything that hides in the shadows. Everything is exposed. Everything is brought up to be healed, and to shine. But we don’t like what we see in the shadows, and we point a finger as if we have nothing to do with it. But we do, don’t we?

And after all, what do we want?

It is to stand in the higher heart, clean heart.

It is to be in integrity with what you are doing, saying, feeling, and thinking.

It is learning a whole new language that is simple and direct, without moving from the center of the heart.

It is breathing, appreciating, learning, moving, healing, growing, and being wild and free.

It is living in ease and freedom in spirit and matter.

It is not calculations. It is not patting the ego, it is not depression, it is not lies, it is not against, it is not division, it is not mean, it is not stupid, it is not ignorant, it is not oblivious, it is not lala land.

Made by Eden 3/31/22
Original Star Man

So, what are ascension symptoms?

Well, that just depend on so many things

In the perfect conditions of integrity, the symptoms are growing slowly first and arriving to a critical point, and then that point breaks- it’s like a birth canal water break. It is a feeling of thickness of energy around you, but that thickness feels like flying. Like you are so much larger than yourself. It comes with ecstatic joy and love. It enhances your senses and humility. You stop thinking of yourself because you are so blessed that you can die and be happy. You don’t need anything. You are moving with nature; you are a force of nature. You don’t seek it, you are not interested in it, it just happens. You hear yourself talk and you don’t understand how wise you suddenly became. You land in a whole new world where everything has new meaning. Words, actions, feelings, thoughts, are all measured from love perspective, but because not everything is coming from love on the planet, you can see the tear. You can be saddened, but you don’t have to because you understand and give space to others to have their own pace in learning and growing.

I know many people are going through not an easy time, to say the least. So, why is it? Well, where is your attention? In a bad movie? In a mindless game? In a judgement of someone or something? Where are you right now? Can you hang on the big picture and see the blessings, the advancement of where we really are? Are you complaining, or are you helping? Do you have the courage to look at yourself first? Do you carry the day before and the week before still on your shoulders as if it is a sack of ‘see my suffering’? ‘I deserve better’ ‘look what I have been through’- or can you call your own drama, and yet, not call others.

It used to be that spirit was somewhere there. It is not there anymore, it is here. Spirit like to listen and go and fetch what you asked for. It just has a different language, and it listens to your vibration. You can’t curse in the heart and bless in the mouth or vice versa and think that spirit hears your lips because it hears your confusion.

If you feel heavy, or if things are flying your way that were not intendent, you are going through it. And the length depends on your velocity and integrity. One way to help with the process is belief. Believe that you are not alone, believe that you are on the right path. Another way to help is really, to push through, don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t analyze too much. Put your energy where you want to be.

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