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Breath in breath out and hop into flow.

How fast do you live and where are you going? And when you pass on (die) would you choose this planet again?

If you run fast enough you can take a leap. If you go slow, you can make the same leap.

There is a common idea in the new age community that we are moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.

To me, dimensions are like the breakdown of the rainbow. It is not a metaphor.

The fifth dimension is another way to say the blue spectrum. It is another way to say throat chakra, speech, expression, mouth, and maybe some unicorns and vibrational birds and other stuff. All hunky dory.

The six dimensions is lots of lines and dots that makes beautiful shapes like mandalas and many times they are like doors to more information.

Everything is a being. The shapes, the dots, the colors, the air, the vortex that you see and the one you don’t see. All flying around in a beautiful orchestra created by that one who doesn’t need to speak, just flow.

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