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How should I say it?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Words matter.

They matter so much that there is a great deal of researches about it. Some of the research is called Nero-Linguistic Programing. NLP. Another one is hypnosis.

Every good sales man learns NLP. You can rewire yourself just with the right wording and their placement.

first, it is getting you comfortable. Second, it is affiliating the product to good associations in your brain. Third, it is the use of emotions. Forth, it is minimizing the dark side of the product. And lastly, reversing it on you- conditioning and framing it in a way that makes sense without any particular reason if you really think about it.

On the other hand,

listening is an art. it is the art of the inner ear. To hear the pitch, to sense the energy, to feel the flow or undercurrent. It is the best tool we have to recognize the play of words and sounds.

Hear it, but don't listen to everything, and when you talk, pay attention - did you repeat someone else's sentence? With or without thinking and checking it first? Are you aware of the reasons of your thoughts and the patterns your brain accumulate by simply being focused and listening without discrimination?

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