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Light Beams

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I started seeing light orbs many years ago when I first woke up. It was in the mid 90’s and back then, I could see them all the time for about six months. Since then, every few years they would return in variation for a short while. Sometimes I would see many, and sometimes just a few, or even one or two.

Lately, they started talking to me, giving me messages, helping me around, and sometimes just hanging around. At one point there were gazillions of them, and when they disappear, I wonder if they ever been here at all. I can almost imagine someone reading this and thinking to himself, ‘maybe you should check your head’, and I laugh along and say, ‘maybe I should’.

Once I started painting them, I couldn’t stop until I am done. I painted the first 4 in a month, and the rest of them in two weeks. 24 beings.

I knew their names, their function, their habits- that all came instantly.

There is a whole vibratory world that is living in the same space that we live in. I know that one day and not too far in the future, there would be many of us (humans) that would be able to see them. I also know that each of us is going to see them differently and according to what is available to eyes of the beholder personally.

I decided to print some of them and maybe children, young and old, would find them adorable, as I do.

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