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A trick

Just when we are moving to a better society, we have been blamed of being racists.

Just when we have awakened to life, born into our crystal Christ body, woke swamped us.

Just when we are about to bring all technologies that have been hidden for so long- a tightening control is moving in.

Just when love is spreading its wings, hate showed up on the planet.


Cycles within cycles can do it in a society that has so many levels of awareness’s. But that is not it- because it has been here all along.,

You can’t hate love. Love, real awareness, real beauty is all consuming- it takes over your heart and heals you.

It’s instant,




And so so holy.

You melt. It’s like meeting the creator, you are helpless against it.

So we have two sides.

Gazillion fractals of ideas of how society needs to be:

Big gov, small gov, communities, survivalism, transhumanism, technocratic society, etcetera… and so many of us do what?


Being apathic,

Being sympathetic,

Being a victim

Protecting the victim

Protecting ourselves.

Talking talking talking

Showing our opinions, taking sides.

Let’s move on from the low drama-

Let’s look at one subject: Abortions.

“Pro-life” against abortion or pro-abortion until last minute.

They are both wrong energetically.

There is 49 days- 7 weeks before the fetus is evolved enough and ready to receive the spark of spirit. From that moment it starts learning, until then it’s not in the body. It exists, but not attached yet.

Everything after that can be traumatic for that spirit and it will develop a hurt of some kind, depends on its resilience and its own evolution.

Now as a woman, I can tell you that it is my body and my choice. I want this choice, and almost two months is enough to know if you want the pregnancy or not, in most cases anyway.

As a being, I know that karma goes both ways. So anything after 7 weeks creates karma for the fetus and for the woman.

It raises concerns because if we don’t know the energetic law, it makes no difference- it is still influencing us. Looking forward, trying to minimize the cycle of trauma in human beings- it is definitely something that we should measure in health institutions (I don’t know where you measure energy) and not go by some kind of conservative or democratic manner.

Opinions doesn’t matter here.

To be continued.

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