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Catching the sale pitch

When I was just a little girl, I was at home listening to the radio. There was a rhyme that got stuck in my head about some kind of a soup powder: "Be fast like the chita, get the Vita"

My mom came home from grocery shopping and with the rest of the stuff she also bought soup powder of a company named Osem.

"Mom" I said, "on the radio they said that Vita will make you fast like a chita, why did you buy Osem?"

My mom said, "oh, don't believe everything you hear, it's just a commercial. They are trying to sell it to people"


I owe my accelerated awakening to my mom because from that day on I started not believing everything "they" say. That included everyone.

In my mind, I was playing the game of: is it true? and how do I know?

By the age of 18, I saw the machine all around me. this machine was built of lies on top of lies and there was agenda on every turn and every corner.

I became determent to find the truth because I felt foreign. In a place where integrity was based on feeding, I surely became a fast chita because integrity in fundamental. I realized how much it is so when I finally woke up, few years later.


We are inventing stories. Stories are good and beautiful if we know they are just stories.

Create the world you want to live in. Think for yourself.

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