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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

What are the values on which we stand as a society? What happened to that path for the person that needs or wants to learn and grow? Where do we draw the line between freedom and law? What do we keep and what do we throw away? Where does ‘me’ starts and ‘we’ stops? And vise versa.

I got few ideas.

I throw those ideas into the pile of the collective by voting with my thumbs up, with my purse, and by finding the things that resonates with me and my philosophy of life. And that’s all.

As small as we are as individuals, and sometimes it feels we are lost in the big picture, it is a good idea to remember we are the ones that makes the big picture, not the other way around.

Tiny little winter moss

I find myself back in the beginning when I am losing track of the noise of the imposing big picture and concentrating in the creativity in life.

Concentrating In the joy of small things, and the space expended.

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