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The left the right and in between

Believe it or not, everything is spiritual.

To me, the way things need to be is super simple, but on a larger scale, say the world, it takes a long list of ingredients and things are far away from simple.

When I think of left and right the image of the tree of life pops to my head. The right is Abraham, grace/kindness/ seeing the good. The left is Isaac, justice/judgement/ seeing the wrong. And the middle is Jacob, splendor/beauty/seeing the solution and walking in between.

I can’t take the left/right of the tree of life and impose it on society as it is today because the left and the right division is completely different and if not different then mixed, and somewhat confused. Spread into gazillion fractals and craftily manipulated.

On the surface, it looks like people have strong opinions about issues and there is a spiritual war going on. Not too long ago, I was asked: who’s side are you on? I said I am not on the side, I am in the middle, the middle way, you know.

If I can’t see the other side of my own opinions then I can’t see the full picture, and if I can’t see the full picture then I better not have an opinion at all.

I think it is part of the reason that not much of our society make sense. The fusion into the middle way is a must.

Some people say we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. Well, that depends where you came from. We are definitely ascending globally and universally, and I believe that some of the amplifying of the division we saw and continue seeing is a part of the clearing process. It is something that will pass and clear out once the light changes.