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The one to dance with me.

There is a great deal of effort to leave old worlds behind and to move forward towards the new. The new is not so new but a memory and longing to that extra something.

It’s funny how self-realization works. That is if you are contemplating and moving in the path of the soul awareness.

You pick up something and you drop it the minute you arrive to a higher/better/ deeper understanding about what you are doing.

If you do it fast enough and you are taking action with each realization, then you are moving towards a new state of being. Making a leap. If you continue with realization/action, you arrive to a parallel and a paradox.

On one hand you become a vortex of an amazing light and love and to the realization of a living god inside and all around you, and on the other hand, you start walking on the sidelines of society. It is simply because when you realize the universe, you also realize how upside-down society really is.

And life goes on.

Why and what is it for is the basic questions of life, and life is the essence of that sacred fuzzy joy that comes in so many words that can’t touch it because they fall flat in comparison to what it is.

Right there in the parallel and paradox you replace the word god with the word cosmos, spirit, life, consciousness. or not.

And you dance with that one.

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