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Traveling somewhere.

I am not here to know in theory that I am connected to everything that is but to experience it to the deepest and highest levels of my being.

I am not here to read about Horus, I am here to communicate and see the real being in front of me.

I am not here to hear about glorious creatures and mythical beings, I am here to be one of them.

Just a week ago, I had a dream slash vision, it is what I call a very real dream equals a different reality.

In the past, I had some bad experiences of not being able to get back to my body when I woke up from my sleep. It didn’t happen frequently and thank god for that because when it did happen it wasn’t fun. So basically, I am getting up from bed just to realize that my body is still in bed. Looking at it and thinking to myself what the heck?

The first time it happened I fought like hell to get back.

The second time, because it was familiar to me, I tried to outmaneuver it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I was dancing around my body trying to get back inside it from different access points.

The third time and forward, I stopped paying attention to it. I found that the best way is to just go back to sleep, not to try and get up. Stay calm close my eyes, it will be ok by the time I’ll open my eyes again. And sometimes it did take few times until I could get up. Oh well. It is almost comical.

Back to my vision. Again, I got stuck out of my body but this time I snapped myself out of the repetition. I thought to myself, well, what’s the rush to get back in? I am out, right? Let’s check it out, and I did. It was a wonderful experience to let go and leave the room with my light body. Surprisingly, once I shot off the room, I was in different dimension and I only say it because I went to a place that didn’t look like earth.

Now, I need to learn how to do it at will. I am just not sure I know what is out there to go there- you see my point?

From experience, remote viewing is a learnt skill. It is seeing through space, and it works when you think about the point that you want to go to/see and you bring it to you. It is different from traveling because you don’t leave your body.

There is also a difference between seeing your body below you and off you go to portals traveling.

So, I am dividing it to three different experiences of traveling: remote viewing, portals traveling, and out of body traveling. And of course, I might be wrong. I heard people saying that astral is the next close level and it is black and white- I never been in a black and white scene.

The only one that I am in full control is remote viewing, the other two is a random coincidence and probably helped by guides and it is also matching your own essence, I am taking a guess from the experiences I had. In some of them I had people and being around me, sometimes only one being accompanying me. And in other times, I just jumped into places alone.

The portals can be seen or unseen, meaning, it can be a blink of an eye or moving inside a visible portal. The thing is, I never know what I am going to see- it has been changing all the time, but I do trust that I am safe. I am safe because there is a feeling attached to every portal- it happened only twice that a portal opened, and I refused to cross. And one time I jumped to a place I didn’t want to be. If you arrived to be able to see portals than you would know what to let in and what not, I assume. There are some extreme beauty awaits in the end of many tunnels.

My question is how to control the traveling if you have very little knowledge of what is out there (off world) and if Masters know this, how do they know it? Who made those worlds that are not even close to resemble earth?

I find this very interesting. And I have a long way to go in discovering new worlds that I want to be in that I am not aware of their existence yet.

I do know that there is a direct relation between the energies you deal with here in real life and the ones you meet elsewhere.

So, I guess I am not here to look at masters crossing fabrics of creations, moving in between worlds- I am here to do it.

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