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Stay In Current Cabins


About the cabins

A big part of what I do is having 5 cabins that are close to to current river Missouri.

It is one of those gems you find when you decide to turn your life up-side-down- and it comes up again. Because I had no idea, only wishful thinking. 

The cabins are set on a 22 acres that are located 3 miles from the river.

Down the road, just few miles there is old Akers Ferry with canoes and kayaks, and up the road 2 miles away, Jadwin Canoe rental establishment kind of business.


184 mile of Current River that never runs dry, full of activities, especially in the summer, but the summer here Says hi in March and leaves in New Years Eve, at least temperature wise. The fresh leaves are showing up in beginning of April and it's like a good green and blue dream. 

I love it here, and I take care of this place like a piece of art, because it is. 



2021-2022 Stay in Current Cabins grounds

summer (3).jpg

Current River- Winter

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