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Have you ever been to hypnosis therapy?

You'd be surprised


The way I work

 I work intuitively and create it as I go. Getting you into Theta state and customizing it for you. 


The first session can take up to an hour and a half because I take my time to understand the best way to work with you. 


Everything is explained to you and everything is done with your agreement; I explain everything before we start. 

We are in a very comfortable clinic and besides my large hypnotic recliner couch, I also have a massage table and some of my clients prefer to use it. 


If you come for habits cessation, you may need one visit and sometimes more. 

If you are coming for emotional issues try to make it few time because we work in layers.

I Can't say enough about hypnosis

 I heard someone said “we are all under some kind of hypnosis”. In a way it is true. We are all living

under a pressed image of reality; which is in fact hypnosis. This image is created through the collective

awareness of the human race, but it is also something we are experiencing in different levels in our

individual lives. 


The simple explanation of hypnosis process:

moving from one awareness to another and enabling

connection between the two. We have the thinking

mind and the emotional mind. We have the awaken

awareness that is conscious, the subconscious and

the unconscious.

There is so much to say about hypnosis because we are talking about awareness, and it is a large subject that is being opened today in so many communities, from science to spirituality. 


Part of what I do is moving your awareness to the easiest point of change. It is a place of alignment and therefore it is the point of least resistance. In this point healing happens.

 Active      Alive       Aware      Awake       Attentive  

Alpha        Beta        Gama          Delta            Theta

Hypnotherapy  Appointment

What can Hypnotherapy Help you with

Hypnosis can help in many areas, such as: 


Create inner connection 

Coming into realizations 

Reducing Anxiety  and Stress

Enhance work performance 

Weight loss

Pain control

Quitting habits

Changing behavior 

Enhancement of confidence

Sleep problems

Anger issues


Past lives in regression



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