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Have you ever been to hypnosis therapy?

You'd be surprised


What is Hypnosis?

I heard someone say “we are all under some kind of hypnosis”.

In so many ways it is true.

We are all living under a pressed image of reality; which is in fact hypnosis. This image is created through the collective awareness of the human race, but it is also something we are experiencing in different levels in our individual lives. 


A simple explanation of hypnosis process is moving from one awareness to another and enabling connection between the two. We have the thinking mind and the emotional mind. We have the awaken awareness that is conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. 

The Theta brain wave (4-8 Hz) is hypnotic, and trance state, while our awakened state is Beta wave (13-30 Hz). It is the perfect state to facilitate change, relax, and contemplate. It is one layer deeper than the Alpha wave (8-12 Hz) of meditation. 

Hypnotherapy  Appointment

Hypnosis is simply a deep meditation with objective and purpose in mind.

I have a friend who absolutely refused hypnosis. She confessed she has a fear of losing control. 

"Well, how about guided meditation?", I said. 

"Oh, yes, I went to guided meditation class and it was wonderful!", she said. 

"Did you lose yourself?", I asked

"No, it was relaxing, and centering." She answered.

"Hypnosis is the same, sometimes deeper, with a goal, and tailored just for you but you are present."

What can Hypnotherapy Help you with

Wild Nature

 Changing behavior 

Enhancement of confidence

Enhance work performance 

Sleep problems

Anger issues


Past lives in regression



Mystical Lake

Create inner connection 

Coming into realizations 

Reducing Anxiety  and Stress

Weight loss

Pain control

Quitting habits



 Active      Alive       Aware      Awake       Attentive  
Alpha        Beta        Gama          Delta            Theta

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