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Reading healing

Afternoon Light


Eden is an intuitive healer that is here to assist you to find answers to challenges in your life.

A session with Eden is very insightful, full of emotional healing energies, and insights.

A combination of holographic healing, coaching, and hypnotherapy is available- and recommended.  

About spiritual counseling, healing & readings


Shifting the attention from the physical plane and connecting with your energy field I receive information that can help you understand your current challenges.  

As I work with the light that comes through a channel of white beam of energy. I receive the visions and translate them as I see them coming- to show you something about yourself and about your path. 

As I am connecting to our higher vibrational beings there is a transference of energy that elevates and opens both (you and I), and with that come shifting and healing.  

We are complex beings and we work on many dimensions and have many layers. We look simple in the physical plain and we condense it all into a small space of a human body , but it is never simple.  

Flower in Sunlight

How to Prepare for a session-

When you book a session, write your intention in the notes. Sometimes, I can connect with your guides before the session (it depends on many factors), nonetheless it can accelerate the connection when we start. 

Before the session, think about specific questions you want to ask and bear in mind that spirit has a way to give you what you need and it is not always as we expect it to be. 

Spiritual Reading  Appointment


Spirit is the container of your consciousness and it shoots out the subtle energies as the holographic body- 

Your luminous egg of light


It is different frequencies of light, and this light is full of information. 

You know it.


Show me physical and I will show you it is spirit.


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