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How It Works

I am an empath and it is my channel.

It used to be that if I seat next to a bossy woman, I will say "I am bossy", and if you have stress in your stomach I will have it in mine, and if you are angry, I will lose my temper and balance.

It is how bad my empathy is. It's a curse I turned into a blessing.



I changed it by shifting my attention from the physical plane and connecting with your  your space/higher self/counterpart/spirit guide/ whatever you want to call it.

I connect to what you have in your energy field. I do it in deeper levels in hypnosis because trance brings to the surface deeper levels of both spirit and soul.


We are complex beings and we work on many dimensions and have many layers. We look simple in the physical plain and we condense it all into a small space of a human body , but it's not the case.

Spirit is the container of your consciousness and it shoots out the subtle energies as the holographic body.  It is a different frequencies of light, and this light is full of information. 


I am a healer, and the session is very insightful and full of healing energies. Sometimes I also perform healing, but it's rare- I rather give you the insights to lift you up to the place when you can do it yourself.

 I make the rules as I go; each person is different.

You can come for anything, if I can't help I don't waste your time and my time, but I usually can.

We talk.


Show me physical and I will show you it is spirit.