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Trauma Perspective

What is trauma? 

Trauma is a shock. It is when something so horrible happens to you that you don't know how to process what you see and what you feel- and because of that a disconnection occurs and it causes a tighten up which creates a stress point in your energetic body that will eventually register in your body. 

You can put a band-aid on a wound and it may feel as if time heals it. 

You will forget about it. 

Until you need that part of you again. 

 How do you get rid of an emotional scar that was registered in your body? 

As someone who has been through trauma, I got to watch it first hand and see the process of its effects, and the way to resolve it.  

I am actually going to bring an example of a trauma I had in my 20's and not something from earlier childhood.

After the first shock, you feel terrible for a while and eventually you move on thinking it is over. Years later, you realized it is still with you. In my own journey, I could see how it shaped my life, how it "helped" me make my choices, made me different. Made me less than what I am.

Those things take time.  I got it out of my system by watching it, realizing that it is there, and being okay with it. I found anger, sadness, fear of being hurt and I created a protection mechanism 

By watching very carefully when I am acting from the trauma conclusions, I forced myself to retreat from that action in real time. I also realized that part of the anger was because I blamed myself for getting into a trauma, for letting the circumstance actually influence me the way it did, and for being weak. Accepting the fact that I am fragile and couldn't hold it together in the face of what I understood as evil- was the beginning of my healing. 

One day, after working on my self for a long time, it was over. It cleared out. There was no more energy in this wound, I could move on. I could breath. 

It made me wonder. What if I had some kind of trauma when I was two years old? Not being able to remember..., while something doesn't sit well. Carrying a would without knowing it exists.

How would it be expressed? 

How would I have gotten it out of my system? 

And could I have taken it out of my system without knowing what it is? 

It would have come out somehow. In some kind of covert way, some kind of a behavior pattern. 

There is no quick fix

There is however, work. 

The work of awareness and observation.  

So take a look, maybe there are some patterns that sprung out and diverted your behavior from your original self because you got hurt and you don't even recognize it. And if you feel stuck, if you feel things doesn't work well for you, if you are moody, angry or depressed sometimes, know that there is a way. After all, or maybe before all, we are all so fragile and subjected to our emotional body so much more than we want to admit.  

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