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My rabbit hole

Do u know da wea? Don't worry, it will find you.

My awakening was ecstatic, it was so amazing that anything I would say about it will not express the true emotions and expansion of that mystic experience. It happened in the 90's, seriously I am not that old, and as it occurred I thought my journey came to a conclusion, but it really just began.

Life has a certain amnesia to it, I guess it is the stuff we made up all around us as society and the history that piled up ready for us to take a good look. I think you can add to it the fact that what you see with an awakened eye for the first time, is extraordinary and scary at the same time.

Instead of having all my questions answered, I accumulated more of them. My biggest question was why? And where is everyone? How do I break the walls of time? What is everything? Who is out there? And it goes on and on.

I started pushing boundaries and starching my mind and my life to uncover truth and expose myself beyond the point of awakening. What can I say? Love was not enough…not back then anyway.

I was a breatharian before the term breatharian was invented. I have done all the stupid stuff one can imagine to get to that place of solid answers and core.

I turned the universe upside down and center to find the answers because I realized that faith is only good until it is broken, and belief only takes you up to a certain point and from there you walk alone.

Slowly, I let go of concepts and exposed truth for what it is.

Becoming the music, the movement, the awareness, the consciousness, the one in one and a shining soul for the time that it has.

Today, I am the pawn on the chess board and the hand that moves it. Funny enough, once you know and see and understand and really get it, you let go.

There is no need to trust, it’s a given. You don’t need to even think because intelligence is all given. You don’t need to make any effort to love, it streams out of you naturally.

It is the difference between awakened and enlightened.

See the game, be the game, play the game, create the game all in one gaze and move of the hip, or the hand.

I am who I am there is no question about it. I am still discovering worlds and universes around here.

If I had to say who I am in one word, it would be a traveler. I think it is the constant movement and interest with no particular goal in mind that captures my heart. I travel in every opportunity and I also love the speed of motorcycles and have one of my own.

Thank you so much for reading.


Here I am looking for the ones who are searching for that thing that they are missing. It is the reason I shared a little about my own journey and if you are here, reading it, it might just be you.

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