Power hermetics


Imprint of your energetic chart to enhance your path


Short story~

When I was 23, I was a waitress sharing an apartment with five young women and having a blast with that, you know how it goes. One of them had a deck of Tarot and another was reading in a regular playing cards- it was my first encounter with tarot. Me being me, I decided I am going to make my own deck and I also made them a little different because I looked at it as an art project. I made 64 round cards, and based them on the geometric figures that I already picked from my Kabbala books readings. They worked. It surprised me because I didn't know anything about tarot. Since then, I made another deck, and I am working on my third basing it on the flower of life. 

How do I do it?

The first deck was simply an urge. The second one came

many years later after I regained my cosmic memory, but

still, it was an urge.

Power Hermetics started with my second deck that by the

way do not resemble a regular tarot at all.

I believe that any healer can create a powerful seal, but I

do have the knowledge that adds many components. 


I use Gimatry; the science behind vibrational codes of


letters as they were built, translated to numbers, but not

restricted to numbers. I connect the energies using Hebrew letters, symbols and numerology. It is not magic, it is energy work.

How can it help you?

It collects and align energies and helps you stay in the path of your choosing.

If you feel off, or missing something, it's a good tool.


In order for me to create a strong empowering hermetic seal, I must hear your voice.
When you order your hermetic seal, please expect a call from me.