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Power Hermetics


Imprint of your energetic chart to enhance your path


Short story~

When I was 23, I was a waitress sharing an apartment with five young women and having a blast with that, you know how it goes. One of them had a deck of Tarot and another was reading in a regular playing cards- it was my first encounter with tarot.

Me being me, I decided I am going to make my own deck, and I made them a little different because I looked at it as an art project. I made 64 round cards, and based them on the geometric figures that I already picked from my Kabbala books readings. They worked. It surprised me because I didn't know anything about tarot. Since then, I made another deck, and I am working on my third basing it on the flower of life. 

How do I do it?

The first deck was simply an urge. The second one came

many years later after I regained my cosmic memory, but

still, it was an urge.

Power Hermetics started with my second deck that by the

way do not resemble a regular tarot at all.

I believe that any healer can create a powerful seal, but I

do have the knowledge that adds many components.