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Bla di da Word.

Become a creator

A wise one.

This is for the strong amongst us-

The ones who help shape the worlds and touch people, and able to move energy because of support of others and because of wholeness.

Wholeness doesn’t mean perfect.

It just means that you are aware of your attention, and you put yourself in check in the process of growth and in the roads of life.

Tune to the vibe. A split is not necessary.

In the cycle of time the night becomes the day and the day turns into night. In a certain point, they are always touching.

I have seen light beings turn into darkness and I have seen stuck in the mud beings who turned the light on.

I got to be honest here, I like them both:) I am easy on my love, but I do have preferences, right?

Energy exists. Let’s not forget that. We can accuse other people for not playing what we want them to play. It goes both ways.

Who are we to judge? As I say it, I debate it...I am to judge:)

I have seen all of it, I know the whole story and it finishes with love, not victory. There is no victory in inclusiveness, there is only understanding and brotherhood.

A fat guy with a whisky in his hand sitting on a recliner chair, holds a 100 dollar bet on the sold in advance super ball… now, that’s a victory! Oh goodness:)


Not everybody understands energies and not everyone is healed. We won’t be here if it was the case.

We would have been dancing naked in the streets that are full of fruit trees… yeah, and my home would be your home- but some people don’t have boundaries, do they? Or respect, so my home is my home, and it is by invitation only.

But in the large scheme of things, the healed set the tone. So what is really happening?

Find the wisdom in words. VIBRATION.

The word.

The alliance between Abraham and God turned into a ceremony of the circumcision in Judaism. It is literally translated from Hebrew to ‘word alliance’.


Create what you want by enforcing the language.

If you can’t talk straight, if it doesn’t sit well with you, if it hurts, raises anger then ask yourself what do I still need to heal inside myself?

If we win anything, we win our humanity. It’s an amazing upgrade from mud nuggets.

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