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Chihuahua in a basket

I hate chihuahuas in baskets.

Did you flinch?

I understand if you did.

If I don’t like chihuahuas in baskets, then I should not have a chihuahua in a basket.

I should not throw it in your face if you have a chihuahua in a basket.

I don’t really hate chihuahua in baskets and if I did, you wouldn’t know about it.

But if I did say something, you shouldn’t try to change my mind, or care.


Those chihuahuas in baskets change laws because even chihuahuas have rights and feelings. And they care. They care so much about what you feel about them.

The problem is that chihuahuas are closely connected with people. All dogs are. It’s a problem because they learn from people.

In Hebrew, the literal translation of the word dog is kelev- means ‘like a heart’ it’s very similar to ‘dog’ ‘god’ only straight forward and not in reverse.

So really, we need to learn from dogs and not the opposite. But also, they are helping us bridge ourselves with playfulness and petting lovely creatures, who doesn’t love his dog, right?

So give them chicken!

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