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I would've Could've

I love it.

I would have made a video, but I moved to the mountains of Missouri, and here we see the truth of the large corporations that pretend to be your friend on your dead tv, but run you like a bulldozer and shows you who makes the rules.

Time and again.

So I pay 120 bucks a month for 100 GB, If I use one more gb I will be charged 25 bucks. And the shoss is that most of the time I have 2-6 mbps. Yes, I wrote it correctly. In the city u get 600mbps (mega bites per second) for that price.

The deal is, it cost them 100k to have an antenna for the area and they will not invest in the people here. Their loss.

So I am waiting for Elon Musk. I think the world is waiting for him right now, not just me (for many different reasons). He will crush many big fat corporations. Come on Elon, someone here needs to finish and publish her online courses and do some videos.

So I write.

I was always light on my feet. A healer who deals with the problems of the world, and is tuned in to the truth, the alchemy of life, The story and the double story, the multi and the one. That healer will hear and heed the moment.

Hearing and listening is different.

I didn't listen for a long time. I have a goddess underneath my feet, why should I listen to the noise? Don't you know that the blind are l